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Welcome to Goju Ryu Martial Arts Academy.

We offer training in Karate-do for adults and children, of all ages, in Scotland; Glenrothes, Dundee and Edinburgh. This web site www.gojuryu-maa.co.uk will give you all the information you require to start learning Karate-Do NOW!

NEWS FLASH:- 23-Nov-2017

We have recently had many inquirers and new starts in the Dojo from the more mature person and I want to reassure you Goju Ryu is the perfect Martial Art for you. Goju Ryu is suitable for all ages and abilities, there are many students of Karate, Judo and Martial Arts who return to training later in life and have found this traditional method of training accessible and very beneficial for there physical and mental health. Goju Ryu training is based on Chinese White-Crane Kung-fu, Qigong(energy work) principles and Okinawan Tee, combined they  have many health benefits, including:

  • feeling more relaxed
  • increasing you mobility and flexibility
  • feeling generally more energetic
  • improved concentration
  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • you are always challenged and learning something new

Beginner or experienced martial artist, whether you are looking for a class environment or a personal training plan, we can help!

Develop Fitness, confidence & health

Contact us now on 07906 942914.

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